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Design Automation and People

New technologies applied to design has been a trending subject in the last few years. The introduction of variable fonts, new solutions via scripts, and automation for graphic tasks have been an area of deep exploration and advancement. But how has our work as designers evolved, and are there rules for our profession? Why do we create new products or solutions, and do we really need more? Exploring areas like machine learning and design systems enhanced Frida Medrano’s eagerness for the growth of automation. Through research, Medrano learned how easy it is to cross the ethical line during development, and the impact of designers on these subjects. In this talk, Medrano shares her experience as a designer in the tech Industry; accompanied by prototypes, experiments in development, and new ways of thinking. By doing so, Medrano adds human perception as a pillar of the creation process that’s designed by people and for the people.


Frida Estefanía Medrano García

Designer Kettle

Frida Medrano is Mexican graphic designer interested in combining type and technology. Medrano has worked on several personal projects exploring possibilities with variable fonts and design automation, helping him win the SOTA Catalyst Award in 2018. Medrano’s ideas have been shared at TypeLab 2019, TypeCon 2018, IxDA Mexico 2019, and TMX 2018.