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Chinese Ethnic Typography—Noto Fangsong Khitan Small Script

The Khitan small script is one of the two official scripts used during the Liao Dynasty of ancient China, in which each grapheme cluster corresponds to one or more syllables and consisted of one or more yuanzis. After the Khitan small script is encoded in 2020, the corresponding Noto typeface is designed by the local design team and released in 2023.


Congyu Zhang

Congyu Zhang, type designer at Liu Zhao's Studio, involved in many typeface designs, including the project for this presentation.


Kushim Jiang

Zhao Liu

Liu Zhao

Dr. Zhao Liu, Associate Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Board Member of ATypI, Script Chairman of the Chinese Category of Granshan Competition, Judge of the D&AD Awards 2020 and 2023, curator of the “The Way of Type” series of academic activities on typography. She is the designer of Noto Traditional Nushu and Noto Fangsong Khitan Small Script, and the design consultant for the redesign of Noto Serif Tangut. She has been engaged in the research of Chinese multiple-scripts: Hanzi, Nushu script, Khitan Small Script, Jianzi Script, Gongche Script, Oracle Bone script, Zhongshan Seal Script,
Tangut Script.