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21st Century Ukrainian Society and Fonts

A look at Ukrainian society in the 21st century as two groups: font users and font designers. Description of changes in attitude to fonts of these groups for four periods: 1991-2005 (post-Soviet time), 2005-2014 (awareness of independence), 2014-2022 (hybrid war), 2022-2023 (full-scale war).

Yevgen Sadko

Yevgen Sadko

Yevgen Sadko – graphic designer, typographer, researcher. Born in 1983, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Graduated with a master's degree in graphic design from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Worked many years in graphic and type design. Author of Cyrillic versions of several fonts and original typeface Mars Type. CEO and founder of Rentafont.

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