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Bété Type Design

Bété Type Design is research by Adam Yeo that aims to promote the Bété script through design and graphic design projects by addressing how to apply it in modern graphic design directions. This project aims mainly to provide designers with a methodological and theoretical basis for integrating the Bété script into modern graphic design.

The Bété script is a syllabary composed of 448 signs, each designating a syllable—448 monosyllabic pictograms representing phonemes, created in 1952 by the Ivorian artist Bruly Bouabré (1919–2014).

Yeo’s creative process began with analyzing the characteristics of the artistic expression of the Bété script and the techniques and methods behind its creation. Next came analysis and interpretation by collecting well-known cases as references, including the design of characters in other languages, summarizing these design methods based on the characteristics of Bété script, and exploring the possibility of implementing the standard Bété font and its extension into forms of graphic expression and other artistic design work.


Adam Yeo

Adam Yeo is a graphic designer, researcher, and scientific writer from Ivory Coast. Holding a Doctorate in Art and Design from Nanjing University of the Arts in China, Yeo’s research interests lie in the fields of art and design, languages and writing, typography, culture, and innovation. His latest articles focus on the representation of traditional African graphic symbols and scripts in graphic design, exploring how they can be applied to modern design to encourage artists and designers to use their rich cultural heritage to solve design problems.