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Type.World: A Vastly Improved User Experience for Working With Fonts

The open-source Type.World font installation technology is Yanone’s first attempt at providing professional tools and services to the naturally fragmented independent type publishing world. On the surface, Type.World is an end-user app for Mac and Windows that vastly improves the user experience of installing desktop fonts, sharing them, backing them up, and receiving font updates.… Continue reading Type.World: A Vastly Improved User Experience for Working With Fonts


A Comparison of Incremental Font Transfer to Existing Font Loading Techniques

Incremental font transfer is an upcoming technology that will allow users to download only the parts of the fonts they need while retaining full rendering fidelity. Garret Rieger and his collaborators are aiming to have this technology shipped in browsers so it can be used across the web to make font loading faster. To realize… Continue reading A Comparison of Incremental Font Transfer to Existing Font Loading Techniques


Some Insights on iKern

Igino Marini often talks about iKern with letter-fitting service customers. It’s easy, he says, because words are accompanied by facts: the fonts. And facts are worth more than words. These discussions, however, take place in a well-defined context. The client accepts a different way of working and is more interested in the results than in… Continue reading Some Insights on iKern


On Process(es)

Naïma Ben Ayed likes to define her practice as telling stories with letters. How does that translate in terms of process? Her first step is creating and/or researching a context for type design projects. This may mean designing for a specific location, working in a thoughtful collaboration, or looking at a particular reference. In this… Continue reading On Process(es)


FontCreator Goes Variable

Since FontCreator is a Windows-only application, not all font designers know it has many powerful features. In this presentation, Erwin Denissen will demonstrate how to use the OpenType Designer, along with feature code generation, proofing, and feature code compilers. Within a few weeks, FontCreator 14 will be released with support for variable fonts. This session… Continue reading FontCreator Goes Variable


Emerging Variables in Typography for Augmented Reality

In this presentation, Niteesh Yadav will discuss the new variables and challenges emerging in augmented reality (AR). These range from past challenges like distance viewing to consuming information in a fast-paced environment. This presentation will offer a detailed overview of typography classification that Yadav created and presented during the TypeTech Meetup Munich in 2020 and… Continue reading Emerging Variables in Typography for Augmented Reality


Use Your Variable Fonts Better

Variable OpenType fonts were introduced five years ago. You can buy them today or download them for free or as part of a subscription. But where can we all use them? Are you a type designer who wants to test variable fonts in end-user applications? Would you like to start offering quality assurance services to… Continue reading Use Your Variable Fonts Better


Onboarding Process at Google Fonts

Since Google Fonts is such a heavily used libre fonts platform, the demand to include fonts there is very high. Sometimes the open-source nature of Google Fonts may give the impression that making contributions will be immediate or direct, akin to contributing to a wiki or other similar platform. However, incorporating fonts into Google Fonts… Continue reading Onboarding Process at Google Fonts



With its thousands of glyphs, even in the most basic character set, the Chinese script is an ocean that very few designers are diving into, whether or not they are Chinese. Creating new Hanzi fonts takes a great deal of time and energy, keeping many talented designers from even attempting a Chinese design. The large… Continue reading GAN and GAN’T


Collection Practices for Type Designers

For designers, collecting materials for typographic examination and inspiration is a common part of the type design process. However, the act of organizing such materials provides an opportunity to discover new ways of engaging in typography by identifying patterns and avenues of opportunity the emerge from a large set of data. Drawing upon lessons learned… Continue reading Collection Practices for Type Designers