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The Art of Attire: Unpacking Ideographic Scripts in African Textiles

Earlier in 2021, Fungi Dube dove into a project entitled “Threads,” which highlighted the variable differences in African writing systems and focused on how African textiles constitute pictographic and ideographic scripts that have been at the base of African storytelling for many years. In “The Art of Attire,” this passionate Pan-Africanist will expand on this initiative and show some behind-the-scenes work and process while also tying in some of the visuals that she has completed and compiled.


Fungi Dube

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Fungi Dube is an intentional brand and visual identity graphic designer with six years of experience. She is a passionate Pan-Africanist; years of applied experimentation and research have nurtured her ability to think divergently and process creative solutions in a fluid and dynamic way, propelling her passion for elevating African narratives through modern identity systems. Dube’s work is heavily influenced by the delicate yet profound nuances embedded into African cultures like nature and natural elements, patterns, textures, historic writings, graphic symbols, and color as a form of visual and global communication.