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Real Typography Space

There is an abundance of virtual space around real text in digital typesetting that creates problems for designers. We at Adobe, have not only understood workflows around Font Size, Alignment, Spacing, and Selection but have created real solutions as well! Designers often change the character’s size by changing the font size but in reality, font size does not co-relate with the height and width of characters. Also, different fonts with same font size can depict different sizes. While aligning any design element with text object it is always the text box with virtual space around glyphs that is considered. Spacing is mostly unevenly distributed between glyphs due to their individual virtual space and even selection behavior is governed by it. We are trying to bridge this gap between the designer’s expectation versus the reality faced inside digital applications today. Our main focus is on the visible geometry and interesting areas of glyphs that we define as Real Typography space!


Arushi Jain

Arushi Jain is a software developer at Adobe. Jain works with the typography team of the Adobe Illustrator product, and has delivered many promising type features of Adobe Illustrator.


Praveen Kumar Dhanuka

Praveen Kumar Dhanuka works in the typography domain as a developer in Adobe Illustrator. Dhanuka led the effort for adding the support of OT SVG color fonts and variable fonts into Illustrator. Dhanuka presented some cool stuff in Adobe Max Sneak 2018, and is currently exploring the use of ML and AI in the typography domain to make it accessible to normal users as well.


Shivi Pal Dhiman

Shivi is an Experience Designer at Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design post-graduate (National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad) and an Applied Art graduate (College of Art, Delhi) based in India. Her work explores the realms of Technology, Design, Art & Culture. She is currently focussed on improving digital type for Adobe Illustrator users but has always been fascinated with words expressed in her poetry or creative typography.