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Hanzi Cooker

Notions around Chinese type design tend to be elusive and lacking in sense. Inspired by Erik van Blokland’s TypeCooker project, we analyzed and located the crucial parameters in Chinese type design and created a TypeCooker for Hanzi or Chinese characters. Hanzi shares a few parameters with Latin: width, weight, contrast, and decorative parts. But to build a basic Hanzi, you need assets such as the skeleton, construction, and identification areas. A delicious meal requires extra ingredients and flavors. Likewise, we will show you what those are for this type of design, and how to cook them up well. 3type’s co-founder, Li Zhiqian, will give the presentation in two parts: a brief but detailed explanation of the project and Hanzi recipes, and a short demonstration of Hanzi cooker. Zhiqian will show how recipes and ingredients affect the design outcome. Viewers can expect to gain a deeper understanding of Hanzi design through this demonstration.


Zhiqian Li

Li Zhiqian is a typography researcher, writer, translator, curator, and designer. Zhiqian is the research lead of Shanghai Type and contributor of TheType. In 2017, Zhiqian co-founded 3type, a typical and atypical type foundry based in Shanghai. Zhiqian is a distinguished research fellow at Type Lab in the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. Zhiqian is a featured speaker at TypePro, and also gave a speech about Chinese type history in an online TypeLab session about typographics in 2020.