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ATypI Tokyo 2019

September 4–7, 2019, hundreds of type makers and type users from around the world gathered in Tokyo for the ATypI conference. ATypI 2019, the sixty-third annual conference of the non-profit Association Typographique Internationale, was an incredible typographic festival in an enthralling, vibrant city.

Rediscovering typography in Tokyo, a city of change and tradition.


ATypI Tokyo brought together typeface designers, publishers, developers, and educators from Japan and the broader typographic community. Tokyo was the perfect environment for this exciting international gathering: it is a crucible of hypermodernity and tradition, globalism and regionalism. ATypI is a global network that spans design professions, company sizes, and geographic areas of activity.

The conference was a stimulating environment where opportunities can arise to meet professionals from related industries, make connections across industries, and develop networks of learning, enterprise, and mentorship.

ATypI 2019 was presented at the Miraikan Museum in Tokyo, a space dedicated to emerging science and innovation. 

  • Wednesday, September 4: Optional pre-conference workshops, tours, and social events. 
  • Thursday–Saturday, September 5–7: The main conference program, exhibitions, demonstrations, and special events. 

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