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Call for proposals for ATypI 2024 Brisbane

Conference dates: Tuesday–Saturday, April 16–20, 2024
Conference week: Monday–Sunday, April 15–21, 2024
Submission deadline: October 13, 2023
Submission platform: Dryfta
Notification period: Begins early- to mid-November 2023

The call for proposals for the ATypI 2024 Brisbane conference is now open

Information on the proposal process

Call for proposals
ATypI invites submissions of presentations, demonstrations, and workshops for our upcoming conference in Brisbane, April 16–20, 2024. If you’re passionate about typography and have valuable insights to share, we encourage you to participate. The call for presentations is now open. Submissions will be accepted until October 13, 2023, giving you ample time to craft your proposal.

The theme “Crafted Technology” is an invitation to explore the intricate relationship between the handcrafted and the digital, the traditional and the futuristic. It recognizes that technology doesn’t replace craftsmanship in today’s rapidly evolving landscape—it enhances it. This theme celebrates the harmonious convergence of artistry and innovation, where design tools and techniques are harnessed to amplify creative expression.

Presenting your session
We call for presentations that are informative, engaging, and inspiring; we actively seek topics that will provoke debate and contribute to the ATypI spirit of collegial dialogue and exchange. We expect scholarly subjects to be communicated with enthusiasm, and the most entertaining presentation to have a solid intellectual underpinning. We are not merely looking for academic papers to be read aloud—we seek talks that are visually rich and compelling; fascinating and thought-provoking.

Along with welcoming seasoned presenters, we are committed to showcasing new voices, and newcomers are encouraged to submit proposals. We are especially interested in hearing from those from underrepresented communities, and will strive to build a program that is as diverse, equitable, inclusive, and balanced as possible. If you have not previously presented at ATypI, the program team would be happy to review speaking references, videos of past presentations, panel discussions, workshops, interviews, etc. Providing previous video, references, and such is not mandatory—only submit additional material if you feel it will support your proposal.

Conference attendees represent the global community of type and typography professionals, students, and enthusiasts from all levels of experience and a variety of fields. We welcome type designers, graphic designers, UX designers, project managers and software engineers, web designers, information designers, researchers, historians, educators, writers, publishers, lettering artists, calligraphers, students, and interested others from around the world.

The official conference language is English. Presentations, workshops, and other sessions are typically delivered in English, but we will also offer programming in other languages. Let us know in the submission form which language(s) you would prefer to present in, and we will discuss what is possible if your proposal is selected.

Proposal basics
Each submission must contain a title, a brief description of the proposed presentation (max. 300 words), several keywords, speaker’s name (or list of panelists, including an experienced, vetted moderator), and a speaker’s biography (max. 100 words). As mentioned above, if you haven’t presented previously at an ATypI conference, you are welcome to include links to videos of presentations you may have made, or other relevant materials that document your presenting skills and/or expertise in the subject matter of your proposal. Please specify the type and duration of your proposed session.

Please specify the type and duration of your proposed session. The organizing team will schedule accepted proposals as appropriate to fit within the framework of the conference and surrounding events. Your proposed times may be changed at the discretion of of the organizers.

Particular time slots are not guaranteed. No remuneration is given to participants at ATypI 2024.

Types of sessions

These activities are typically designed for a subset of conference attendees, usually in the range of 12 to 25 attendees. A variety of workshops are offered concurrently. Some sessions are aimed at students, while others are designed for practitioners from basic to intermediate levels and beyond. Workshops are accepted for either three- or six-hour sessions.

These sessions will offer an opportunity to focus on specialized topics of interest. The goal is to develop cohesive tracks

Education Forum
Aimed at typography/design educators and researchers, this forum focuses on pedagogical issues, curriculum development, and academic research related to typography. Proposals should focus on educational issues or research outcomes, and avoid case studies of student projects. The presentation length should be 15 or 30 minutes.

Technology Forum
This forum is aimed at developers, type designers and typographers interested in current and emerging technology. Potential topics include font production technologies and methods, technical standards, traditional and digital publishing, mobile technology, etc. The presentation length should be 15 or 30 minutes.

This component of the program runs over three days and covers a wide range of topics. The default time for these presentations is 30 minutes. Presentations may be on a specific area of type and typography. Although this programming is aimed at graphic design practitioners, educators, and researchers with intermediate to advanced knowledge in typography, type design, and related disciplines, novices and students will also discover much of value to enhance their typographic knowledge and insight.

ATypI 2024 will offer plenty of opportunities for networking, engagement, entertainment, and doing business with sponsors, partners, and collaborators. There will be everything from exhibitions and film screenings to breakouts and brain breaks—lots of room for learning, sharing, working, and fun.

Program committee and reviews

Proposals will be read by the ATypI 2024 Program Committee, which is composed of representatives from the Brisbane local team, the broader type community, and ATypI board and staff. To assist potential ATypI speakers in shaping their presentations, The ATypI Brisbane program team may suggest amendments to proposals or requested time slots.

We understand the importance of planning your travel and preparations, so we aim to provide timely notifications to successful presenters. Starting in mid-November, you’ll be notified if your proposal has been accepted. This early confirmation gives you the peace of mind to start making arrangements for your conference experience.

As a 501(c)(3) volunteer-driven nonprofit organization with a core educational mission, we strive to keep conference admission fees as low as possible so that we may be inclusive of all who wish to participate.

Confirmed speakers and workshop leaders* will be given complimentary access to the conference and included special events. Optional workshops are not included. No compensation is offered to speakers for this event. Travel, lodging, and all other participation expenses are the responsibility of each individual.

*There will only be one complimentary conference admission available per program session, whether it’s a presentation, workshop, or panel discussion. Should any session feature multiple presenters, it is that group’s responsibility to determine who should receive the complimentary admission and inform the ATypI speaker team of this decision.

Speakers from sponsoring companies are not eligible for additional complimentary admissions beyond what their sponsorship package includes.

Selected speakers who prefer to pay for conference admission are welcome to donate their complimentary ticket to the ATypI ticket scholarship fund or to a student or other person who needs that support in order to attend the conference. Upon notification of a successful proposal, speakers may arrange for ticket donations by reply email to the ATypI speaker team.

The call for submissions is now open. Submission deadline is October 13, 2023.

Conference overview

ATypI 2024 Brisbane is an event devoted to everything imaginable related to type design and typography. The conference will feature an exciting program of presentations, panel discussions, workshops, tours, demos, exhibitions, type walks, discussions, and opportunities for networking and socializing.

Conference dates: Tuesday–Saturday, April 16–20, 2024
Conference week: Monday–Sunday, April 15–21, 2024
Workshops, tours, and other optional small-group activities: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
Check-in/registration and opening night: Wednesday pm, April 15, 2024
Forums/General Session: Thursday–Saturday, April 16–20, 2024

Hours: The conference program will run from approximately 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time/AEST (Brisbane local time). Additional events may be held during the evening hours on certain days. Those submitting proposals must commit in advance to appearing onstage in person in Australia or being available remotely during the conference hours, Brisbane local time.

This event will be presented in person as long as health/governmental restrictions permit.

The primary language of the conference is English, but accepted speakers are welcome and encouraged to present in their native language(s) or another language of preference.

The program proposal process is managed on Dryfta

In order to consider you as a speaker for ATypI 2024 Brisbane, we need some information and assets. Please fill out the submission form and upload all required materials as soon as possible, but no later than October 13, 2023.

We are using Dryfta to manage our submissions and review process this year. Please visit https://atypi2024.dryfta.com/ to access the platform.

Creating or logging in to your account on Dryfta
To submit a presentation proposal for ATypI 2024, log in to your existing account or create an account here. If you have previously had an ATypI account on Dryfta, you may need to change your password before you are able to log in. Your registered email address serves as your user name. Return visitors, please make sure you use the same email address that you registered with previously. Please note that your account on Dryfta is a separate system and is not tied to your account on the atypi.org website.

Please complete or update your profile information. You will be asked to upload a high-resolution print-quality headshot-style photograph and a 100-word bio on your profile. This is mandatory for anyone submitting a proposal to speak, lead a workshop, etc.

Submitting your proposal/abstract
After you log in to your account, please submit proposal(s) by visiting your profile dashboard. After logging in, go to your profile, and click on the “My Abstracts” link in the lefthand menu. On the next page, click the green “Submit Abstract” button and complete the submission form. You will be asked to upload a high-resolution photo as well as other materials related to your proposal. 

Deadline for submissions is October 13, 2023.