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About Brisbane

Australia’s type scene is eclectic and surprisingly broad, comprised of independent type designers and an active community of hand lettering practitioners, calligraphers, and letterpress enthusiasts. The commercial design landscape boasts a healthy and competitive agency scene with all the big global names represented, supported by a thriving ecosystem of diverse creative freelancers and studios.

Brisbane is Australia’s third most populous city (approx. 2.6 million people), located near the easternmost tip of the Australian mainland. Brisbane is also known as Meanjin, the aboriginal name for the land area around the city.

Culturally speaking, Brisbane is famously progressive and much more ethnically diverse than many expect. Brisbane’s climate is subtropical, so participants can expect weather that is comfortably warm without being hot. Australians from further south might refer to this as ‘t-shirt weather.’ 

Brisbane is quite walkable, with pedestrian-friendly streets and spectacular city views along the riverfront. Transport in Brisbane is easy. Alongside the train and bus routes, the river is buzzing with CityCat ferries which offer panoramic skyscraper photo-ops while taking you comfortably to your destination.

Brisbane was chosen in part because its educational design programs are the most type-focused in Australia. It is also the home of two long-standing and much-loved creative conferences: TDC (the Design Conference) and Typism. 

Have you always been curious about Australia? There will never be another chance like 2024. ATypI would love to welcome you to Brisbane.