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Typography as a Means for Design Activism

We live in a time where designers are expanding their boundaries; moving from designing objects to experiences and designing for positive social change. Now, they are becoming facilitators of creativity, conversation, and collaboration among multiple groups. Designers are making an argument that community-driven design thinking can establish social change by seeking out problems to solve rather than waiting for others to identify the problem. This project uses design and typography to visually articulate the personal narratives surrounding the struggles of flight and the significance of emotion. These add to the debate on migrant identity, acculturation, and the perception of being the other; focusing on the current displacement crisis in Venezuela. Typographic visual messages are used as a catalyst for social good with the intent to create a conversation and generate an experience that promotes advocacy. The presentation will showcase three very different exhibition pieces where typography is used as the primary tool, creating emotional experiences via design and the use of narrative along with an immersive multi-sensory environment.


Melanie Uribe