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Typography and handwriting at school

Handwriting education in schools is being replaced by typing, although the typographic knowledge of teachers rarely goes beyond Comic Sans. This is why it’s time to innovate and introduce typographic education in schools. Literacy education needs to focus on taking a broader approach that connects handwriting, typing, and reading. This ambitious education reform is backed by scientific evidence and shows that our senses are connected. This phenomenon is called multisensory integration. The images of letters created in the brain are formed by sight and also touch, or proprioception. Yet, in the western world, the letters we learn to write at school are not the same that we read in books. Familiarity with regular script—handwritten or digital—are part of basic literacy.


Christian le Comte

Founder Hand to Type

Christian le Comte is a designer, publisher, and author from Argentina. Le Comte has worked in Buenos Aires, London, Mauritius, Taipei, and Beijing. Le Comte has a strong passion for typography and handwriting; snf often participates in talks and lectures. Le Comte was the author of Manual Tipográfico, Hidden Strokes, and The Future of Handwriting.