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Rescate de las itálicas de Griffo: Un estudio de la puesta en página de poesías

With a focus on Francesco Griffo’s first work, this presentation shows the development of a typeface that contemplates three variables: roman, italic, and an italic with connections. With this typeface, it is possible to make a comparison between the simple italic and de-connected italic in order to understand it. The loss of connections between letters is a technological and social issue of a historic period for the concepts of typography today. This proposal presents the social, political, and economic panoramic view of the printing presses between 1459 and 1540, and how those items influenced the Italian press. The typeface is used in poetry books, as their construction and ways that the rhythms of the verses are structured. It is possible to apply an experimentation methodology that consists of submitting the object of study to certain conditions that help to understand the disuse of the morphologic concept developed by Griffo today.


Luis Sevilio

Luis Sevilio is a designer at the FontanaDiseño studio and the coordinator of the graphic design workshop for young people and adolescents at Casa Torquato Tasso. Sevilio earned his master's degree in typography from the University of Buenos Aires. He plans to be an eternal student of calligraphy, human figure drawing, and typography.