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Anti-Typo: The Wide Pen as Privilege/Appropriation/Pluriversal Practice

There are wonderful resources available for instruction in broad-edge pen writing. Typically based on historic, cultural, and/or religious tradition, these chart invaluable paths. As a complement, or possible critique, this workshop explores writing on paper from another point of departure. The primary focus will be expansive form-making. Participants will engage with gesture, attempt interruption, and strategize randomness. This involves some degree of privilege, depending on your analysis. The challenging topic of appropriation and genre will be one brief discussion; introducing as a case study broken (gothic), or black letters. This workshop accepts a pluriverse of aims, interests, beliefs or non-beliefs, and practices. It is offered in the hope of expanding expression and communication, despite or encompassing differences, without use of prefabricated or scripted marks. Participants will take an inclusive view of writing with a simple tool, within the pragmatic constraint of the Latin alphabet.


Peter Bain

Designer Peter Bain

Peter Bain’s work has been recognized by AIGA and the Type Directors Club, and published in Communication Arts and Eye. His calligraphic book “Writing Knowledge” is in library special collections at Princeton University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He once was a Madison Avenue type director, and accumulated a toolbox full of lettering gear. Bain has taught classes and led workshops in NYC, Los Angeles, and Mississippi.