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Mom, You Sure Can Rehydrate a Pizza

One of the early milestones within the Harfbuzz project’s Boring Expansion Spec is the specification of an “avar v2” table, which defines how axes can be composed from other axes. This takes Font Bureau’s Parametric Axes system and Underware’s HOI (Higher Order Interpolation for Variable Fonts) to the next level; Crossland and Penney will demonstrate… Continue reading Mom, You Sure Can Rehydrate a Pizza

Font Bakery

Learn what Font Bakery is for, how it is used at Google Fonts, and how it can help you save time and publish high-quality fonts. Quality Assurance of fonts is a constant requirement for type designers, foundries, and distributors. Everyone has their own workflows to ensure their fonts are in good condition, but often these… Continue reading Font Bakery

Amstelvar and Roboto Flex: Unprecedented Flexibility in Text Typography

Bété Type Design is research by Adam Yeo that aims to promote the Bété script through design and graphic design projects by addressing how to apply it in modern graphic design directions. This project aims mainly to provide designers with a methodological and theoretical basis for integrating the Bété script into modern graphic design. The… Continue reading Amstelvar and Roboto Flex: Unprecedented Flexibility in Text Typography

Calibrating Type

Working on truly advanced and inclusive typography could not begin until variation technology was implemented five years ago. With the introduction of variable fonts, significant gains were made, from compression and animation to smoother weight, width, and optical size transitions. Many interesting font products have been introduced since the launch of variable fonts, but few… Continue reading Calibrating Type