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Chinese Font Design and Application Trends in the 2020s

Foundertype is the world’s largest Chinese foundry and the largest foundry in China. While providing font services for many fields such as publishing, printing, packaging, advertising, Internet, software and hardware facilities through continuous font design, font development, font cooperation, customer service, and business association, Foundertype is also deeply observing the changing trends of the Chinese font industry and the business and social culture changes behind it.

In the 2020s, Chinese font design has shown important trends in font style, font technology and market application. In this presentation, Foundertype will share observations from these three perspectives, hoping to bring inspiration to font-related design from a higher and broader dimension.

Yichen Zhang

Yichen Zhang

Graduated from San Francisco University of the Arts with a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media, and has long served many of the top 500 companies in China, providing them with customized fonts. The font projects he is responsible for have won various domestic and international awards such as Tokyo TDC Type Design Award, New York TDC Typographic Excellence Award, Good Design Award, D&AD Wooden Pencil Award, etc.