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ATypI Working Seminar Amiens

February 2020, Amiens, France

ATypI Working Seminar Amiens 2020

In partnership with the ESAD Amiens School of Art and Design (École Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Amiens), ATypI presented the first working seminar of 2020 in Amiens, France. This edition, which took place 6–7 February, was open to all interested in higher research, and especially PhD candidates and supervisors, researchers, educators, students, and those already holding PhDs.

Gerry Leonidas’ keynote talk: The Current State of Research in Typography
Please see the programme section below for videos of the other talks.


Over the past two decades, typography has become a globally recognised field of study. During this time, higher education institutions have increasingly faced the challenge of formalising study in type and typographic design. The most important aspect of this process is the slow but steady growth of PhDs: these give structure to research enquiry, produce knowledge in recognisable, accepted formats that are arguably necessary for the maturity of the field, and equip a new generation of educators and researchers with the skills and qualifications to lead the process in their institutions.

ATypI’s working seminar in Amiens aimed to capture the current state of PhD research in type and typography, to afford participants a platform for sharing experiences from different stages in the PhD process, to review perspectives from the points of view of researchers, supervisors, and research leaders, and to strengthen the network of researchers working in this field in Europe and more widely.

There was a limit of 60 participants.

Programme & videos