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Internationalization committee

The Association Typographique Internationale Inc. (ATypI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of California in the United States. ATypI is democratically run by a board elected by its members. ATypI is bound to operate by its bylaws, and the laws of both the State of California and the United States rules governing nonprofit entities.

Current ATypI bylaws, adopted September 2016 during our Warsaw conference.

Duties of the Internationalization Committee include preparing and leading The Annual Meeting of the Community Delegates, publishing the Community Delegate’s Annual Reports, and preparing and leading recurring intermittent meetings to report/advise the board on  internationalization actions. 

Community Delegate’s Annual Reports

The Internationalization Committee is accountable for publishing the following reports;

    •    Community Delegates – Annual Report

The Annual Meeting of the Community Delegates

The Internationalization committee prepares and leads the Annual Meeting of the Community Delegate. In ATypI we prepare the Annual Meeting together with our Executive Director to secure access to the venue. The Annual Meeting of the Community Delegates is held during a conference or online in the last months of the year.

Participating in the Nomination Committee

ATypI, as many other nonprofit organizations often do, combines the function of the nominating committee with that of the governance committee. The nominations of the community delegates is part of the responsibilities of the Internationalization Committee.

    •    Community Delegates – Responsibilities

    •    Community Delegate – Nomination Form

Internationalization Actions

The Internationalization Committee helps and supports ATypI to organize international representation on the events.