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Font Proofer: A New Chapter in Proofing Type

If you design type, you won’t want to miss Peter Nowell’s demo of Font Proofer—a powerful new tool for generating proofs. Font Proofer has an intuitive UI for creating an assortment of proof layouts, editing repetitive spacing strings, and exporting PDFs. It’s fast, highly customizable, and compatible with both Glyphs and RoboFont. While proofs are… Continue reading Font Proofer: A New Chapter in Proofing Type

Exploring the Limits of Variable Fonts

Michael Parson will present the work he has been conducting on his latest typeface. Koruption is the result of questions Parson had been considering about variable fonts. Rather than using this new technology to navigate with traditional features like weight, width, or slant, he wanted to explore how a regular typeface could be transformed into… Continue reading Exploring the Limits of Variable Fonts

Automated Kerning and Spacing: Present and Future

Discussion and exploration of existing, new, and emerging tools, techniques, problems, and solutions for automatic kerning and spacing in font engineering. Panelists include Tim Ahrens, Jérémie Hornus, Igino Marini, and Toshi Omagari.

TYPE + CODE Series

TYPE + CODE is a collection of ongoing typography research conducted by using computer algorithms; initiated by the author in 2005. This series aligns with alternative typeface and typography methods, solutions, and education in America. Initially, it began as the MFA thesis by the author at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007. It has… Continue reading TYPE + CODE Series

Design Automation and People

New technologies applied to design has been a trending subject in the last few years. The introduction of variable fonts, new solutions via scripts, and automation for graphic tasks have been an area of deep exploration and advancement. But how has our work as designers evolved, and are there rules for our profession? Why do… Continue reading Design Automation and People

Hennies Brothers Letterpress Printing Shop: Printing Outputs and Typographic Repertoire From Germany to Brazil

The first printing press was established in Brazil during 1808. Printing in São Paulo city started in 1827 and expanded into the early twentieth-century, enabling the city to be the main Brazilian editorial and printing centre. Many of the early São Paulo city printing shops were founded by German and Italian immigrants and produced printed… Continue reading Hennies Brothers Letterpress Printing Shop: Printing Outputs and Typographic Repertoire From Germany to Brazil

FontLab 7.2. Better every day.

We’re introducing FontLab 7.2, a massive update for our pro font editor for macOS and Windows that lets you create and edit fonts in any format for any script on any platform. With this release, you can enjoy 30× faster proofing of variations and an all-new way of proofing OpenType features, easily navigate in large… Continue reading FontLab 7.2. Better every day.

Real Typography Space

There is an abundance of virtual space around real text in digital typesetting that creates problems for designers. We at Adobe, have not only understood workflows around Font Size, Alignment, Spacing, and Selection but have created real solutions as well! Designers often change the character’s size by changing the font size but in reality, font… Continue reading Real Typography Space