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What we do

ATypI provides a structure for the type community to meet and act together. We not only preserve the culture, tradition, and history of type and typography, but we also:

  • Promote contemporary digital fonts and support innovation in font technology
  • Support and promote typographical education programs around the world
  • Encourage outstanding typography and typographic design
  • Give a platform to contemporary type designers, typographers, and those working, teaching, and studying in related fields
  • Produce and work with other producers of publications, exhibitions, and initiatives important to our community
  • Present conferences, workshops, seminars, and other educational events

Conferences and other events

Every year since 1957, ATypI has held a conference for our members and everyone who loves type. We gather in different cities around the world to discuss and celebrate typography and language. When we can’t get together in person, we meet online to continue sharing and learning from each other.

We also organize smaller events and help publicize and support events created by our members.

Prix Charles Peignot

Every four to six years or so, ATypI awards the Prix Charles Peignot for excellence in type design to a designer under the age of thirty-five who has made outstanding contributions to the field.


Since its inception in the mid-1950s, ATypI has published a variety of newsletters, journals, books, videos, and other creative publications and educational materials. Many of these works are included in libraries and other collections around the world. We will add material here for research purposes wherever possible. If you have copies of rare ATypI publications, please reach out to us about your treasures! We plan to produce new publications for the benefit of our members and greater typographic community and the education of all those who use type in their daily lives.